International Accreditation

COHSASA regularly submits itself to peer-review assessment and received its fifth consecutive accreditation from the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) in December 2018. This 5th accreditation means that COHSASA has been continuously accredited since 2002 and will continue to carry this status until 2022. COHSASA's Healthcare Facility Standards (First Edition) have also been accredited by ISQua until 2022.

ISQua is the global body that regulates the performance of healthcare facility accreditors.

The ISQua accreditation evaluates the capacity of accrediting bodies to effectively measure the performance of healthcare facilities using recognised standards in conjunction with other internationally recognised evaluative methods.

This continuous international accreditation from ISQua gives COHSASA credibility as a healthcare standards and monitoring body and reassures its clients, funders and health policy makers that it has sound and consistent systems, processes, standards and surveying methods.

The first ISQua accreditation was valid from August 2002 until August 2006. In November 2006, COHSASA underwent its second ISQua evaluation and was accredited a second time, valid from September 2006 until August 2010. The third accreditation award was valid until 2014, the 4th unti 2018 and its current 5th accrediation is valid until 2022.

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